Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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When and How do Students and Donors Get Started?

It is never too early for students and donors to get started.

Graduating high school students should notify their high school’s Scholarship Coordinator about their intent to apply for a Community-Based Scholarship as soon as school starts.  After completing the online application on their high school’s scholarship home page, students are then required to review the high school’s Community Scholarship list for scholarships
that they may qualify. 

Setting up a scholarship is easy for donors, and most donors choose to select their own recipients by reviewing the applications submitted to Rogers Public Schools. Contributions made through the Roger Development Foundation may well qualify for a tax-deduction; individual circumstances should be reviewed by the Donor’s tax advisor.

To become a donor, start now by contacting the Rogers Development Foundation’s program director at (479) 636-1240 or


What is the Community-Based Scholarship Program?

The Community-Based Scholarship Program was founded in 1991 by the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce and the Rogers Public Schools.

The program has created a legacy the community is proud of - coming together to empower students, helping them to harness their ambitions for successful careers and living more fulfilling lives. The program increases access to higher education for graduating Seniors of the Rogers Public Schools by dispersing scholarship funds awarded by Community Donors


What is the Rogers Development Foundation?

The Rogers Development Foundation (RDF), is a 501(c)(3) Arkansas nonprofit corporation, that coordinates with Rogers Public Schools to administer scholarships for students seeking college education opportunities. My Portal is a convenient online tool offered by the Rogers Development Foundation for both donors and students to manage their Community-Based Scholarships.  Eligible donors and students sign up to access their information, review resources and track action steps.


What is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is a financial award for students to further their education and is not required to be repaid. Students use Community-Based Scholarships to help fund their higher education experience, enabling them to attend community colleges, vocational training centers, colleges and universities of their choosing from across the nation.


Why Do Scholarships Matter?

Scholarships contribute to student success by allowing them to be more intentional on how they spend their free time. Having to work can impede a student's success because jobs require time and energy spent away from schoolwork and other academic responsibilities. In addition, the extra time spent working reduces time that could be spent taking advantage of the vast amount of experiential learning opportunities that colleges and universities offer.


How Many Scholarships Can Students Apply?

There is no limit. Scholarships are awarded independently, so applying for multiple scholarships does not decrease chances for any individual scholarship. Students may qualify and be awarded more than one scholarship.


How Do Students Claim and Disperse Community-Based Scholarships?

After receiving their reward letter, all student scholarship recipients must set up a My Portal account to download the Student Information Packet provided by the Rogers Development Foundation.  An email will be sent to the student with directions on how to access the portal which contains information and instructions for disbursement of scholarship monies: viewing checklists; downloading a disbursement form; viewing the status of getting scholarships paid directly to the school; and uploading proof of enrollment and transcripts (grades).

All scholarship recipients must complete these requirements.