Welcome, Donors!

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Scholarship donations don’t have to be large to provide aid to a student in need. They may be awarded in any amount. Giving a little makes a big difference in many lives by offering a chance for a brighter future.

Who Can Be A Donor?

Community donors come from individuals and businesses of all sizes including clubs, foundations, professional firms, service companies, and industries who understand that education is one of the pillars of success for a strong and vibrant community.


How Can I Become a Donor?

Setting up a scholarship is easy, and most donors choose to select their own recipients by reviewing the applications submitted to Rogers Public Schools. Contributions made through the RDF may well qualify for a tax-deduction; individual circumstances should be reviewed by the Donor’s tax advisor.

To become a donor, contact the Rogers Development Foundation’s program director at (479) 636-1240 or katie@rogerslowell.com.

Managing scholarships is convenient using My Portal to make payments and view disbursement activity.