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Financial Assistance to Help Students
Achieve Their Goals.

Any graduating senior enrolled in the Rogers Public School District are eligible to apply for Community-Based Scholarships by completing an online application form through their respective high school’s scholarship website. Students use scholarships to pursue their educational goals at a variety of community colleges, vocational training centers, colleges, and universities across the nation. 

Claiming Your Scholarship Funds

After receiving their reward letter, all student scholarship recipients must set up a My Portal account to download the Student Information Packet provided by the Rogers Development Foundation.  It contains information and instructions for disbursement of scholarship monies: viewing checklists; downloading a disbursement form; viewing the status of getting scholarships paid directly to the school; and uploading proof of enrollment and transcripts (grades). All scholarship recipients must complete these requirements.

To disburse scholarship funds, the following steps must be completed:

  1.  Thank You Letter(s)
  2.  Disbursement Form
  3.  Proof of Enrollment

The My Portal online profile is updated as required documents for each step are received from students. Once all three steps are completed the award is disbursed (paid) directly to the school.

Funding requirements differ for Fall and Spring semesters.

For the Fall semester, scholarship recipients must complete a Thank You letter to each Donor, submit a Disbursement Form to their school and provide a Proof of Enrollment (copy of their schedule) to the Rogers Development Foundation.  Spring semester requirements include Proof of Enrollment and a copy of the Fall transcript (grades with GPA).


Fall Semester

  1. Thank You Letter(s)
  2. Disbursement Form
  3. Proof of Enrollment

*Scholarship funds for the fall semester will not be distributed until all three of the above requirements have been completed.


Spring Semester

  1. Proof of Enrollment
  2. Fall Grades*

*A copy of your fall semester grades, including your GPA, must be mailed to RDF.



Recipients must achieve a GPA of 2.5 for the Fall semester and/or satisfy any specified criteria indicated by the Donor. Students must meet all guidelines to be eligible for their Spring semester funding. Donor criteria are noted on the Scholarship Disbursement Form.

Scholarship funds for the Spring semester will not be disbursed until the Fall semester grades and proof of full-time enrollment have been received by the Rogers Development Foundation.

If you have any questions concerning scholarship disbursements, please contact the Rogers Development Foundation Administrator at (479) 636-1240.

If you have questions concerning scholarship awards, please contact the Scholarship Coordinator with Rogers Public Schools at (479) 636-3910.