Community-Based Scholarship Program

Welcome to the Community-Based Scholarship Program website! Feel free to check out some frequently asked questions.

Opening Doors to Higher Education

Education is one of the strongest pillars of success for our Rogers-Lowell community. That’s why our Community-Based Scholarship Program is so important. It’s a commitment to helping graduating students pursue higher education.

By giving a little, our community donors make a big difference in the lives of others. Donors’ scholarships increase access to higher education for graduating high school students of all income levels and backgrounds. They open doors to opportunities otherwise not possible.

Quick Guide: How It Works...

The Community-Based Scholarship Program is administered through a partnership of the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce, the Rogers Development Foundation and the Rogers Public Schools. 

The program has one goal in mind: to help students continue their higher education and achieve their goals. Since its inception, the program has distributed $7,487,855 in funds to 4,682 Rogers Public School students.



Become a Donor. Set up a scholarship.

Community-Based Scholarship donations don’t have to be large to provide aid to a student in need. They may be awarded in any amount. Giving a little makes a big difference in many lives by offering a chance for a brighter future.



High School Scholarship Coordinators Assist Students with the Process

Rogers Public Schools Scholarship Coordinators at each of the three high schools assist students with starting the process to secure Community-Based Scholarships. Coordinators help students navigate the steps of completing the online application, obtaining transcripts (grades) and ACT Scores, completing the Parent Statement/Signature Page and getting a current photo.



Financial Assistance to Help Students Achieve Their Dreams.

Students use Community-Based Scholarships to help fund their higher education experience, enabling them to attend community colleges, vocational training centers, colleges and universities of their choosing from across the nation.

Harnessing Ambition to Achieve Success

The Community-Based Scholarship Program was founded in 1991 by the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce and the Rogers Public Schools. It’s a legacy the community is proud of - coming together to empower students, helping them to harness their ambitions for successful careers and living more fulfilling lives.

It couldn’t be done without Community Donors, as they fuel the passion behind the program’s sustained success.

Through their donations, Donors are catalysts for making our community a better place to live, work and play. Community-Based Scholarships are a strategic investment that empowers families and communities, returning value for a lifetime.